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From The Same Studio That Brought You The Big Dig…

…comes a terrifying Halloween flick:

Coming soon to a theater near you

Coming soon to a theater near you

The video was produced by Parsons Brinckerhoff, an engineering firm that has been heavily involved in the planning of the deep bore tunnel project. You might know them from their work in Boston’s Oscar-winning infrastructure horror show The Big Dig.

Despite the fact that this video was produced over two years ago, it has been withheld until a week before a local election. Our question? Why was this withheld from the Stakeholder Advisory Committee?

An email sent to members of that group yesterday by Ron Paanenen, the WSDOT administrator of the deep bore tunel project, claimed that it was kept secret because it was inflammatory (literally–cars go up in flames in the video) and they did not want to scare people.

The email was sent a matter of hours before KING 5 News ran the video.

In what world does this make sense: an important and incendiary safety-related video is withheld from experts and community leaders assembled to solve a critical infrastructure issue but is released a year later to TV news a week before a local election.

Smells pretty bad to us.


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