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Seattle writes back to State’s EIS

WSDOT recently released their Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS). Strangely, even though WSDOT is in the EIS process, the state has already signed contracts with a tunneling contractor. Is that even legal? Write us if you know. Even if the state is treating the environmental review process as a joke, Seattle businesses, government, nonprofits, [...]

Tunnel delays: Real hazard or red herring?

Our leaders keep silencing deep-bore tunnel dissent with the specter of viaduct catastrophe. “Delaying the project only increases the danger of a catastrophe and hurts the economy and Seattle taxpayers.” –Conlin in a blog post. “I don’t think that [the mayor] understands that delaying this project is very, very risky.” –Rasmussen said. “This project’s an [...]

Stakeholders: “Disturbed” not to have been shown WSDOT video

Five members of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee sent a letter yesterday in response to WSDOT’s publicized release (a TV exclusive, YouTube, and a spot on the Department website) of a graphic rendering of a worst-case scenario viaduct collapse. We asked yesterday why the video was produced and then concealed from the SAC, whose job was [...]

Petition Concerning the Council’s Memorandum of Agreement

The City Council will be voting Monday on a measure to accept the responsibilities lined out in the irresponsible tunnel law passed this summer, and a petition is being circulated with a request for the council to reconsider. Make no mistake, political decisions cannot change the physical and economic realities that loom in the tunnel’s [...]

TunnelFacts.com: Week Two

Greetings Fellow Anti-Tunnel Crusaders! Now that the site has been up for a week, we wanted to take a moment and fill you in on the news and where we’re hoping to take the site. We’ve had a few good mentions in the press: Publicola, Huge Ass City, and Seattle Transit Blog, and some nice [...]

Tunnel quotes

“The voters have again told us loud and clear that a new freeway through the heart and soul of the city is not the answer. I couldn’t agree more.  They’ve sent a very clear message - whether it is above ground or below, they don’t want to build another freeway on our waterfront.  The three of us have heard the voters. This is the 21st Century and what the people of Seattle have said is we must put aside the 1950s mind-set about transportation and find new and better alternatives.”
said Mayor Greg Nickels [Now he supports it.] (in Seattle Post-Intelligencer)