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    Point your mouse at each tunnel section to get an idea of how much you could get for 1.7 miles of deep bore tunnel.

    With a planned cost of 4.2 billion dollars, the 1.7 mile long deep bore tunnel will cost nearly half a million dollars per foot — assuming nothing goes wrong. We aren’t opposed to spending this kind of money on transportation solutions, but we do have a problem when those “solutions” actually make the status quo worse.

    A 1.7 mile multibillion-dollar car tunnel that accelerates climate change, keeps us in our cars, and squanders precious city and state resources in the process is a bad idea. The items listed here are not necessarily serious policy proposals, but rather serve to illustrate the massive dimensions of the project. You might spend 4.2 billion differently, but would you blow it all on a tunnel? Let us know.

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Tunnel quotes

“Now what we have to do is look for common goals for the broadest range of people. A single message is 'people don't want a tunnel.'”
said Nick Licata (in Seattle Post-Intelligencer)